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RFID Helps Milano Malpensa Airport to Complete Maintenance Work On Time

To make its repair and cleaning operations more efficient, the airport installed 50,000 tags to equipment and other objects, and issued RFID-enabled phones to all its maintenance workers.

By applying Near Field Communication (NFC) tags to tens of thousands of items, and by equipping maintenance workers with NFC mobile phones, Italy's Milano Malpensa Airport reports that it has made the maintenance and repair of its facilities and equipment faster and more efficient. The airport installed the RFID-based solution to manage maintenance throughout its facility in 2012. Since then, says Stefano Dolci, Milano Malpensa's senior project leader, the airport automatically knows of every repair or maintenance request received—for everything from a lighting unit to an aircraft-boarding bridge—as well as its status at any given moment.

The solution, known as CAM (an acronym for Controllo delle Attività Manutentive, which translates to Maintenance Activities Control) was provided by RFID360

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