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More than 10.000 downloads for our NFC APP. Genius is Great !

Thanks to its exclusive Supergrip suction cup, this in-car holder guarantees a secure grip both on the windscreen and directly on the dashboard! The short arm is also less sensitive to vibrations, thus providing optimum stability. Equipped with NFC technology, it automatically installs the CELLULARLINE GENIUS APP on NFC-enabled phones. Ensures automatic activation of the car profile whenever the phone is placed in the holder.CRAB SUPERGRIP is simple to position and holds your Samsung, with or without case.


  • Resists vibration, pulling and twisting without the need for permanent adhesives

  • Disc with suction cup for porous or soft surfaces

  • 360-degree adjustable display

  • Easy-clip system for removing the smartphone with one hand

  • NFC technology, with GENIUS CELLULARLINE App included

  • Can be used without removing the phone from the case

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