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SmmS For Hospital

The SMMS value is your expected reduction in maintenance costs as a result of implementing  SMMS system.


To obtain the Total Value of SMMS you have to consider some aspects of Asset management


1. Asset Life

Maintaining assets with preventive maintenance (PM) is fundamental to extending their lifecycles.

SMMS is designed to create and generate PM tasks, which makes it easier to follow PM guidelines from manufacturers.


2. Downtime

In addition to extending the life of your equipment, appropriate PM scheduling also reduces total downtime. When emergency maintenance must be performed on an asset, that asset cannot perform its function until it is restored to working condition. Moreover, if an asset has not been properly maintained, it is likelier to breakdown more often.

3. Parts / Inventory

Using SMMS’s parts inventory management features allows your organization to avoid being both under- and over-stocked........

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