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SmmS For Airports

The SMMS project aims to track the performance of  various activities of preventive and corrective maintenance and requires the application of passive RFID/NFC tags around the airport and on many systems and equipments (fan coils, fire extinguishers, elevators, sprinklers, boarding bridges, 400 Hz generators, etc.).

Contractors and employees should read the tag with mobile devices at the beginning and at the end of each maintenance activity.


For programmed maintenance the software verifies that each reading takes place in a defined time interval, so to respect the frequency of the activity itself. In this way the system automatically verifies the contractual SLA.

With the same tag, other activities could be performed:

  • checklists compilation,

  • item characteristics,

  • technical documents availability, etc.


For corrective maintenance the first reading of the tag allows to be sure that the activity has been started and to verify if this has happened in respect of the contractual intervention times.

The second reading states the closure (or suspension) of the activity and allows Maintenance Control Center to be aware if the problem has been solved (or not).

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